Introducing our delicious spit roasts

We’re happy to announce that our spit roast range is now available from our online butcher. A popular range, our spit roast products are perfect for parties, events, gatherings and food fanatics in Brisbane.
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A word from Steven Raichlen – the ‘King’ of the barbeque

spit roasts meat online steven raichlen
To promote the launch of our spit roast range online, we have invited the King of the barbeque, to give a tip (and a spit roast recipe). Founder of the Barbecue Bible website, Steven is a multi-award-winning author, journalist, cooking teacher and TV host.
A spit roasting tip from Steven:
“Spit-roasting is ideal for fatty or cylindrically shaped foods, like whole birds, boneless and bone-in rib roasts, pork loins and shoulders, lamb legs, and of course whole lambs, goats, and hogs. What you may not realize is that you can also spit roast whole vegetables such as onions and cabbages and fruit, such as pineapples, like they do in Brazil.”
[bctt tweet=”What you may not realize is that you can also spit roast whole vegetables such as onions.”]
Steven has some great spit roast recipes and fantastic advice on barbeques. Try this recipe from Steven with our lamb and find terrific results!

About our spit roast meat

If you want a good, memorable spit roast, the quality and freshness of the meat is important. That’s why we source our meat from reputable suppliers such as Borrowdale. You can order the meat online below today or call us on (07) 3398 4373 – we deliver spit roasts to anywhere in Brisbane and also provide for pick up from our butcher.
Spit roast products currently available:

Spit roasted whole pig

spit roast whole pig
Carina North Quality Meats now sell fresh whole spit pigs for roasting. We can cater to any weight needed for your roasting. These spit roast pigs come in fresh every week, so just let us know your size and weight needed.

Whole outside spit beef roast

whole outside spit beef roast
Grass Fed whole silverside beef roast. These beautiful meats are some of the best for spit roasting – the fat cover on the outside stops the roast from drying out, keeping it tender, juicy and delicious. 3kg size.

Free range boneless pork leg spit roast

free range boneless pork leg spit roast
Our Free Range Pork from Borrowdale Pork is juicy and delicious and awesome for spit roasting. We can cater any size, boneless or bone-in.

Spit roast BBQ chicken thighs – skin on and bone in

spit roast bbq chicken thighs
We bone out fresh chickens daily. These juicy chicken thighs with skin-on are great for spit roasting or under the coals or BBQ’s. We have some Gluten Free marinades in store too if you need them.

Spit whole lamb loin roasts

spit whole lamb loin roasts
Our Lamb is from the rich green area of Victoria, These Lambs are Grass Fed. The Loins are great for your Spit Lamb Roasts (most whole loins are 900 grams size).
More to come! Check our spit roast page for latest offerings.

Order your spit roast meat – limited availability

Please stay tuned for more spit roasting and barbeque options. Due to their demand, these spit roast products are in limited supply. Order online, contact our butchers in Brisbane or call us now on 3398 4373 for delivery within Brisbane, or to pick it up from our butcher in person.

Spit roast basics video

How to spit roast a pig video

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