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Beef is an Aussie favourite, and at Carina North Quality Meats we take pride stocking only free-range, grass fed beef of the highest quality. Our  beef is a rich source of iron, protein, omega-3 and zinc; it’s a tremendous source of energy to keep you moving all day. We supply quality cuts of beef for your everyday needs, from premium mince for that rich bolognese, tender roasts for those hearty Sunday lunches, steaks and sausages for your summer barbecue plus family pies, kebabs and stir-frys for those quick and easy dinners.


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  • 12 tortillas + 1kg Beef Mince

  • Chuck & Brisket Burger Mince (1kg)

  • Wagyu Rump Steak Marble 5 (1kg)

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    Five Founders Rump Steak (1kg)

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  • Wagyu Port Wine Garlic Kebabs

  • Barbecue Mafia Steakout BBQ Rub Grass Fed Porterhouse Steak 250g +2

  • Mafia Steakout Grass Fed Brisket 2kg

  • Grass Fed Beef Brisket 3kg

  • Grass Fed Beef Brisket 2kg

  • Dry-aged Wagyu Porterhouse (1 KG)

  • Grass-fed Porterhouse Steak (1 kg)

  • Grass-fed Diced Chuck (1 kg)

  • Ribs Pack


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  • Beef Brisket Memphis Burgers

  • Beef Liver 1kg

  • Grass-fed Rib On The Bone 300g


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