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Five Founders

Generations of quality beef since 1887

Five Founders Real Australian Beef is born and raised on wide open pastures, with no added hormones and the benefit of generations of experience and care. It’s an achievement our original Five Founders would be proud of.

The Five Founders’ difference

Five Founders’ cattle spend their whole lives in NAPCo’s care. They’re bred with a focus on temperament, physical attributes and quality meat-eating characteristics. All our cattle are given a life free from stress, enjoy pristine, natural Australian environments and often live with the same herd of animals throughout their whole life.

Complete control throughout the supply chain not only ensures full traceability but also ensures our Five Founders Natural Australian Beef meets our highest, consistent quality.

Carbon Neutral Beef

In April 2019, Five Founders became Australia’s first Carbon Neutral certified beef. Certification by the Australian Government demonstrate that we have met the most rigorous criteria. Its our way of helping to flight climate change and farming for a greener future.

As the term suggests, carbon-neutral beef is beef that has a zero carbon footprint. It’s the same product but the carbon emissions associated with the beef have been offset.

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