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Quality Meats

100% Australian Meats

Carina North Quality Meats is a butcher that only sells 100% Australian meat in-store and online. Our cuts are MSA-grade and sourced from our hard-working, local farmers.

Building and maintaining strong partnerships with farmers is essential to Carina North Quality Meats. That’s why our Founder, Michael James, takes the time each year to travel across Australia and visit the farmers and families producing our delicious products. Feel free to ask Michael about his travels the next time you’re in store – he’d love to talk you through them!

Grass-Fed Beef

Unlike grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef is raised exclusively on pastures – just like nature intended. Grass-fed cattle live a stress-free life of roaming and grazing, and the high quality of their life is evident in every bite of flavoursome, tender meat.

Wondering where to buy grass-fed beef? We have a wide selection available including grass-fed steak, mince, brisket, roasts and more.

Ethical Farming

At Carina North Quality Meats, we believe that ethical farming leads to tastier products. We work with local farmers who adhere to strict ethical standards in order to ensure that our meat is of the highest quality. Carina North Quality Meats is committed to providing our customers with the best possible products, and ethical farming is a key part of that commitment.


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