Lechon Brisbane (Uncooked)

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Have You Been Wondering Where to Buy Lechon in Brisbane?

Have you been searching for Filipino lechon in Brisbane? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Lechon, AKA spit roasted whole pig, is a popular dish in numerous regions throughout the world, namely Spain and the Philippines. Lechon is prepared by slowly spit roasting a whole pig over charcoals, until the meat is succulent and the skin is crispy and flavoursome. Lechon is perfect for celebratory family gatherings and special occasions.
Is your mouth watering yet? Our lechon is available online and instore! Or call 3398 4373.

Our Delicious Lechon (Uncooked)

Our uncooked whole pigs come in fresh every week – just let us know the size and weight you require, and we can make it happen. Our whole pigs are perfect for feeding the masses – they’re sure to have your guests coming back for more.
We source our pork from Borrowdale free-range pork. This means that our pork is RSPCA-approved, hormone free and farmed to the highest standards of ethical pork production. Our lechon is lean, succulent and packed with protein, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, omega-3 and plenty of flavour.
Do you prefer spit roasted beef (AKA ‘lechon baka’)? We also have our delicious boneless whole outside beef for spit roasting.

Lechon Brisbane Delivery

If you live in Brisbane, we can deliver our lechon straight to your door. Or, if you’d rather purchase your meat in store, you can visit us at our Carina location.

If you’ve never tried Filipino lechon, you’re missing out!

Order Your Lechon Now or call 3398 4373.