Our Christmas Range Is Out Now!

christmas meat

It’s official, Christmas 2017 is just around the corner – and we have the meats you need to make your Christmas meal unforgettable.

Whether you’re craving beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck, turkey or our famous Turducken (that’s fresh turkey, duck and chicken with cranberry & chestnut stuffing!), we specialise in Christmas meats to suit any occasion.

We have beef roasts and hams for formal sit down meals; gourmet sausage rolls for relaxed picnics with friends; sausages, steaks and ribs for traditional Aussie BBQs and plenty of other options to suit any Christmas under the sun.

Many of our Christmas items – including the Turducken, rolled pork loin and turkeys – are only available at Christmas time – so we recommend you get your yearly fix before it’s too late!

Order Online & Save Yourself Stress

We know how stressful the Christmas period can get – which is why we recommend that you order online and have all of your Christmas meats delivered to your doorstep on a day that suits you.

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