Bacon and Egg Pie

delicious bacon and egg pie after being cookedBacon and Egg Pie



Step One: Cut the rinds of the bacon and finely dice them.

Step Two: Whisk eggs together. Once combined, whisk in the milk, salt and pepper.

Step Three: Finely dice the onion.

Step Four: Grease the tray with butter, then lay one sheet of pastry in your casserole dish and make sure it reaches just over the sides of the pan.

Step Five: Sprinkle the onion, bacon, cheese and sauce over the base evenly.

Step Six: Proceed to pour the mixture of milk, eggs, salt and pepper into the casserole dish.

Step Seven: Cover it with the other sheet of pastry and crimp the outer edges together, cutting off any excess pastry that is left over.

Step Eight: Cook at 200 degrees celsius for 50 minutes, checking that it doesn’t burn.

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